Curriculum Support



In any class there is a wide spectrum of learners, learning styles and learning needs. Each has a unique learning journey. Our belief is that all children are able to learn and all need support to achieve their best and ensure success.
Within the classroom we are aware of and plan for children and differentiation – allowing them to access the curriculum at their level and given assistance to work to their abilities. In some cases this will involve the development of Individual Learning Plans through negotiation with parents, classroom teacher and the Learning Support teacher.
Curriculum support is also provided by the Learning Support Teacher and support aides both within the classroom and using individual or small group assistance/intervention. LAP (Learning Assistance Program) volunteers are also used to give children support in social skills and confidence building.

Speech Therapy

Private sessions arranged through Hills Kids Speech Pathology using Lobethal Lutheran School facilities

Professional Bodies

Where necessary assistance for children is obtained through various educational, behavioural and health agencies and specialists.