Our strategic intent for Lobethal Lutheran School is:
To be a vibrant and creative learning community that values
• Learning together
• Learning to use the tools of learning
• Learning to Learn
• Learning about our global community
• Learning who God wants us to be

Within this intent our Pedagogy is centred around our 5Cs
• Curiosity
• Challenge
• Collaboration
• Creativity
• Confidence

Whilst our curriculum is falling into line with the Australian Curriculum framework, our intent is to present this with an inquiry approach to learning, challenging children to their potential, ensuring the skills and advantages of working with others are implemented, encouraging each students’ creative talents, and ensuring they are successful and their confidence is enhanced.

Curriculum is a developmental process, and staff continuously update approaches, content, resources, and strategies in all areas of education, keeping abreast of current trends and developments.

In addition to this we offer Christian Studies using our Christian Studies framework developed by Lutheran Education Australia, again based on an inquiry approach.